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Everything about your yahoo login you should know

Popularized due to its millions of downloads and users, yahoo has become one of the most popular and reliable web service providers in the world. With its millions of global users, yahoo provides the best services that a web-based service provider can offer.

As a yahoo user, you can enjoy email services, news services, entertainment services, celebrity news, sports and events, games, and much much more on your yahoo account. In order to start enjoying all these services, you will need to open an account with yahoo.

This is an extremely simple process, as you need to create a username, an email address, a password and provide some personal information. Once this process is complete, you can verify your yahoo account and start using the yahoo services. If you change yahoo mail password click on to this link and get steps by steps process to reset it.

Some of the services provided by yahoo are:

  • Email services with 1 TB free storage
  • Sync all your accounts with your yahoo account so that you do not have to constantly switch between accounts to check your email. All your accounts will be present on one simple page for you to navigate through easily.
  • You can store your contacts on your yahoo account. You can also sync up all your phone contacts with the simple click of a button so that you will never have to worry about losing any of your important contacts. You can also send emails, pictures, videos, animated gifs and share albums with your contacts easily.
  • Store all your important events, reminders and dates on the calendar option of your yahoo account. Simply login to your yahoo account and get access to every important date that you simply cannot remember. You will also be given reminders on these important dates.
  • Several customizing features and options on your yahoo account allow different users to express their individuality on their yahoo accounts. You can change the color themes on your yahoo account and choose your favorite color, making your screen that much brighter or darker, as you prefer.
  • The newly personalized inbox allows every user to customize their inbox, messages, junk mails, work mails and personal mails according to a method which makes more sense to the user. This personalization option can be unique and helpful for users who want to organize their emails in their very own personal manner which makes sense to them.
  • The unique search tab on yahoo allows users to find a certain email or photo from their sent and received emails with no hassle. Simply type any one word which you remember from the email, and you will be presented with all the search options. You can easily browse through the options and find the exact important email which you are looking for, no matter how further behind the email is.
  • When composing emails, you can very easily add documents, links, photos, share albums, and files with the simple click of a button. No more long, complicated processes in order to attach files and documents to your emails. All this can be done with the simple clicks of a few buttons.

The user interface of Yahoo is extremely simple and beautiful for even first time users to navigate through easily.