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Online Visas, 2016

With effect from 01 July 2016, the Government of Uganda has introduced the online visa application system. Guests intending to visit Uganda for tourism-purposes are required to apply and obtain a visa online. The decision taken on the application will be sent electronically via the email address provided by the applicant. This entire process should take +/-3 days.  When/if approved, an approval letter will be sent as an attachment to this email. The applicant should print out this approval letter and present it at the port of entry (together with documentation and payment as mentioned below).

With effect from 22 July 2016, all those entering Uganda on a Single Entry Tourist Visa will pay $50 instead of $100.  The East Africa Tourist Visa (Uganda | Rwanda | Kenya) remains at $100.
Please follow the steps below in order to apply for a visa online:

  • Attach the supporting documents (for list of documents, view website: or see list below) and submit

    • Ordinary / Single Entry Tourist Visa documents required:
      • Passport copy (Bio-data page)
      • Recent Passport size photograph
      • Vaccination Certificate (Yellow Fever)
    • East Africa Tourist Visa documents required (includes entry for Uganda | Rwanda | Kenya):
      • Passport copy (Bio-data page)
      • Recent Passport size photograph
      • Travel Itinerary
      • Vaccination Certificate (Yellow Fever)
      • Return Ticket
  • Await official approval notification/letter via email
  • Print the official approval notification/letter and present it on arrival in Uganda, together with:
    • Your fee in cash ($50 for Ordinary/Single Entry Visas and $100 for East Africa Tourist Visas) (please remember to have the correct amount in cash on arrival, in bills that are newer than 2006).
    • Valid Passport
    • Original Vaccination Certificate (Yellow Fever)

Please also visit: to get details on an embassy near you for further queries.