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Each time you revisit an old haunt, it is interesting to note how it has changed. And when the gap is fifty years, it is all the more pronounced. Download

A Sustainable Safari in Uganda’s Most Remote Place

Environment911 is a one-stop source for people interested in living their most sustainable lives, inspiring them to make achievable change as they share the stories of people on their own environmental journeys. The publication shines a light on planet-positive businesses, initiatives and organizations, presenting readers with information that will encourage them to interact with these places because they make a minimal environmental impact. Download

“In Uganda, Apoka Safari Lodge Provides a Sustainable Guest Experience

Passion Passport is a travel resource created by creators and storytellers from around the globe as they share their perspective of the world and provide recommendations on what people should experience and add to their bucket lists. Download

Education is the key to wildlife conservation in Africa

Education has been described as the “great equalizer.” This can only be true if students have access to good schools with well-trained teachers. Read More

A Sustainable Safari in Uganda’s Most Remote Place

Kidepo Valley—bordering South Sudan and Kenya on Uganda’s northernmost tip—is Uganda’s most remote national park. Inside Is Apoka Safari Lodge—a unique sustainable, luxury safari lodge with unrivalled wildlife viewing experience. ReadMore

The Best National Parks in Uganda for Beautiful Views, Wildlife, and Lodges

Jaw-dropping landscapes and unforgettable wildlife experiences await at Uganda’s best national parks. Read more

Africa’s Coolest Country

We don’t recommend holding a lion cub above your head and singing Hakuna Matata, but we can think of some other ways to experience Africa.),.”Download

Uganda Africa’s Coolest Country

We had to put Africa’s coolest country to a vote. The diverse continent offers so much variety, it was hard to choose just one.),.”Download

Get Lost Uganda

You have to be tough to survive here,” an old man tells me. “Sometimes witches bring curses to make you weak. They ride on hyenas and whoop around the village to make you die faster.”Download

TELVA, 2019 A dos metros de los gorilas

Las cosas no pasan porque sí, hay que bus- carlas. Así pensaba la antropóloga norte- americana Dian Fossey (1932-1985). , …. Download

Instinto Animal, Marie Claire, 2019

Rafiki, uno de los gorilas espalda platea- da que habitan en el Parque Nacional de la Selva Impene- trable de Bwin- di. , …. Download

Challah and Sufganiyot in the Clouds ,2018

Winston Churchill was so impressed by Uganda during his 1907 safari that he wrote a book about it titled “My African Journey.”…View More

Lonely Planet called ‘Best Moment of Your Life’, 2018

It was mid-afternoon and I was battling siesta-hour drowsiness under the hot equatorial sun. My feet were up on… Download

CNN Travel, 2018, Best Safari Destinations In Africa

With so many spectacular game reserves to choose from, determining the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime African safari… Read more

Forum Magazin, 2018, Kidepo Valley

Das Savannengebiet im Nordosten Ugandas gilt als der unberührteste Nationalpark weltweit. Besucher erleben hier ein … Download

THE MORNING CALM, 2018 Kidepo valley

Located at the remote northern tip of the country, Kidepo Valley is Uganda’s most isolated national park. A frontier wilderness …Download

Sueddeutsche Zeitung, 2018 Kidepo Valley National Park

Duft der Savanne Ein Ziel für Entdecker: Der Kidepo-Nationalpark in Uganda ist noch kaum besucht … Download

DRINK TEA TRAVEL , 2018 Apoka Safari Lodge

There are some destinations that are worth the long trip. Kidepo National Park in Northern Uganda is one of those destinations. …. Read More

BBC Wildlife magazine, 2018 Kidepo

The kob antelope is an icon in Uganda, featuring on the country’s coat-of-arms.Mark Eveleigh investigates …. Download

Times of Oman, 2018 Gorilla trekking in East Africa

Sidelined on the couch this summer with a fractured foot, I was in need of a hobby to distract myself from the pain. So I gave myself an unusual challenge …. Read more

Travel Weekly, 2017

Uganda is expecting a rise in the number of critically …. Download

Vogue, 2017

Are These Luxury Lodges Uganda’s Best-Kept Secret? …. Download

Online Visas, 2016

With effect from 01 July 2016, the Government of Uganda has introduced the online visa application system. Guests intending to visit Uganda for tourism-purposes are required to apply and obtain a visa online… Read More

Clouds | Financial Times UK, 2016

It normally takes four or five hours at most to locate a family of gorillas in the glistening, livif-green mountain rainforests of western Uganda. For me, it took 32 years… Download


Clouds | Wanderlust, 2016

We heard him before we could see him. A rhythmic drumming rang through the forest, echoing my pounding heart. Then 250 kilogrammes of silverback came…Download

Clouds | Gorilla Highlands, 2016

Levi Kato, 36, who won at Gorilla Highlands Silverchef 2016, wanted to be an accountant. But when he went to inquire about studying that he befriended a man from Soroti… Read More

Clouds | Gorilla Highlands, 2016

Each chef had to cook enough for five people, catering for vegetarians too. The meat element had to be chicken, and other ingredients were prescribed as well… Read More

Clouds | JustLuxe, 2015

Clouds | JustLuxe, 2015

Some of the world’s best destinations are often the hardest to reach. Uganda is one such place. A landlocked country in East Africa, Uganda has stunning terrain that… Read More

Clouds | Condé Nast Traveler, 2015

Clouds | Condé Nast Traveler, 2015

Seeing gorillas in their native habitat is an incredible experience, and Uganda is the best place to do it. Here’s what you need to know before you book your trip… Read More

Clouds | Chicago Tribune, 2015

Clouds | Chicago Tribune, 2015

The park rangers had told us we shouldn’t try to get any closer to the mountain gorillas than 20 feet. Obviously, no one had told the gorillas. Which explained the female that just walked… Download

Clouds | Manager Magazin, 2014

Clouds | Manager Magazin, 2014

Im Südwesten Ugandas auf 2000 Metern Höhe liegt der Bwindi Impenetable Nationalpark. Noch 100 Meter höher befindet sich die Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge… Read More

Apoka & Clouds | How to Spend It, 2014

Apoka & Clouds | How to Spend It, 2014

Long riven by political strife and eclipsed by neighbouring Kenya and Tanzania, Uganda is back in the game, with elegant lodges, intriguing indigenous communities… Download

Apoka | Wild Travel Magazine, 2014

Apoka | Wild Travel Magazine, 2014

Kidepo Valley in Uganda is one of Africa’s least explored national parks. Its remote location and the years of political conflict suffered by a country now at peace… Download

Lodges | National Geographic Traveler, 2014

Lodges | National Geographic Traveler, 2014

Many superlatives come to mind when describing Kidepo Valley. Vast golden plains are punctuated by jagged mountains and the immerse sky casts an ethereal light over the landscape. Download

It’s Columbus Day. Let’s talk about geography (and Ebola), 2014

Today we commemorate Columbus Day, an American holiday observed in some states, perhaps for Christopher Columbus’s perseverance and bravery rather than his geographical knowledge…. Read More

Apoka & Clouds | Condé Nast Spain, 2013

Apoka & Clouds | Condé Nast Spain, 2013

En el suroeste de Uganda, en el Bosque Impenetrable de Bwindi, vive una de las mayores pobla-ciones de gorilas de monta-ña del mundo. Seguir su rastro a través de la selva…Download


Our very own Marion is a Princess!, 2013

We always knew she was special, but now the rest of the world knows. On Saturday April 27th, Marion Nankya married Prince David Wasajja in a glittering ceremony at Kampala’s Rubaga Cathedral… Read More


Clouds | Condé Nast Hot List, 2009

Before it even opened in August 2008, Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge had already caused quite a stir locally, and not just because it was being touted as Uganda’s most luxurious…Read More…


Clouds | Concierge Hot List, 2009

Clouds is the first luxury retreat for visitors to this national park… a more ancient and biodiverse ecosystem than the Virunga… Read More…


Apoka | Concierge Hot List, 2009

The first privately owned lodge in this 556-square mile park in Uganda’s dry northeastern corner, Apoka Safari Lodge overlooks the… Read More…