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The Ik Hike from Apoka

The Ik are one of Africa’s most remote and interesting tribes, living on top of Mount Morungole in Northern Kidepo. A visit to them is one of the most authentic that one will experience in Africa, largely because they are so untouched by the Western world as they are quite inaccessible.

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Dinner With The Lions at Apoka Safari Lodge

One of our nights at Apoka Safari Lodge was particularly special; one, because it was Laren’s birthday. And two, because we had one of the most unique and memorable dining experiences of our lives.

The day itself had already been incredible. We went on an early safari on-foot, had a mid-morning coffee break in the bush, had a leisurely lunch back at the lodge, and then spent the rest of the afternoon poolside.

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Apoka Safari Lodge in Kidepo Valley National Park

In late April for Laren’s birthday, we journeyed by car for nearly twelve hours to the most remote region of Uganda. The further we traveled, the more beautiful the landscape became. Jagged hills, golden grassy fields, and endless plains started emerging, finally leading us to the northeast Karamoja region of Uganda, a 557 square mile expanse of untouched land called Kidepo Valley National Park.

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Birding in Semliki

It’s all about the dawn. The sounds at dawn.

It starts with the pouring of water from a bottle, followed by what sounds uncannily like the broken-down starter of a Mini, then some guys starts yodeling at each other, and then all hell breaks loose.

It’s 6am and I’m in the Semliki valley (AKA the Semliki Basin) in Western Uganda. And I’m not surrounded by some urban gang, but rather the Blue-Headed and White-Browed Coucal, Great Blue and Ross’s Turaco… and everybody else in the trees. The air is thick with the sounds of dawn happiness as the birds vie to make themselves heard.

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Most Beautiful Park in East Africa

Ok, met de titel van dit bericht begeef ik me natuurlijk op glad ijs. Er zijn zo veel mooie national parken in het Oosten van Afrika en het is ook zó persoonlijk wat je aanspreekt. Maar toch durf ik het wel aan. Wat mij betreft ligt het allermooiste national park van Oost-Afrika in het Noorden van Oeganda, tegen Zuid Soedan aan: Kidepo National Park.

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Bulbul is back!

It’s late July. Dry season is here. A layer of dust has settled over Kampala and its environs, so living upcountry brings more comfort than ever before. We had torrential rain a couple of days ago – the kind of rain that makes you want to run outside, arms outstretched, face turned up, twirling in the deluge. It lasted about half an hour, and that night the tiny little tree frogs were in heaven, peeping and kreeking in the fresh wet grass.
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Post from a Wild Place 2

Wild visitors at Kimbilio

As I write this, Tamara is in Durban, attending the INDABA trade show. I’m sure she’ll come back with news about tourism developments in the region, and lots of stories to tell.
In the meantime, we’ve encountered a new species on our personal ‘I Would Really Love to See…” list.

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First Post from a Wild Place

It’s May.  In Uganda this means the rains will start to tail off soon and we will head into our cooler months.  As I write this, looking out my window, a pair of Great Blue Turacos are eyeing the feeder we have just installed in a tree, filled with bits of pawpaw and mango.  Will they eventually flap down and feed?  Time will tell. So far we seem to be enticing only butterflies.  I wonder if the red-tail monkeys will find it before the birds do.

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