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iMessage on PC, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 – Download

iMessage can be used in the Windows system. You can do that by using lots of ways but there are some easy methods which we are going to explain here. You might know about this iMessage app where this app has been used for Mac and iOS. This is one of the most popular in the Apple Store. It helps you to make video calls and audio calls to your friends and family without any problem.

Here we have covered three easy ways how to Download iMessage for PC, Windows computer. Choose the best and easy method to install the app on your computer.

iMessage for Windows 7/7.1/8/8.1/10

So, you can use this app in Windows system with these easy ways.

As I said there are three ways to use this iMessage apk in the Windows PC. All of them are perfectly easy and you can choose the best and easy one to perform. Here we go.

1>  iMessage for Windows using Bluestacks.

It’s too easy to do this where it takes much time in download and installation process of the app. Now we can start here with it.

  • You have to go to the official website of Bluestacks and download it.
  • Now launch it in your Windows PC after installing it.
  • So, you want to start the installation.
  • Here they will provide you play store search option then you need to sign in with gmail account here and also have the good internet connection.
  • You can get the iMessage by searching it on search option.
  • Install in Bluestacks and open it by going to All Apps list.

2> iMessage for Windows using iPadian

iPadian is nothing but an ios emulator for Windows used to run ios apps. So, it is absolutely called as ios simulator. So, you can download and use it in your Windows PC.

  • You can get the official version of this app by just going through the official website of this app.
  • Directly install the app in Windows and launch it.
  • As same as an android emulator, this app also gives you an experience of iPhone in Windows.
  • Now search for iMessage app there. You can search it on search icon which is redirected to Apple Store.
  • Now you can directly install the app through Apple store.
  • Find the installed app is Apps section.
  • Enjoy using it in your Windows system.

iMessage for PC using Chrome Remote Desktop

Here we are using a method where we are going to connect two computers. You can check them now.

  • You need to get the two computers here. One must be Windows computer and another one must be running through Mac system. I mean you need to get an Apple.
  • Then download and install most popular browser Google Chrome in both PC. Now open the Chrome Remote Desktop in these computers and connect each with this.
  • Here this feature helps you to exchange the programs in both computers.
  • Now you can use iMessage by Chrome Remote Desktop in Windows system.