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First Post from a Wild Place

It’s May.  In Uganda this means the rains will start to tail off soon and we will head into our cooler months.  As I write this, looking out my window, a pair of Great Blue Turacos are eyeing the feeder we have just installed in a tree, filled with bits of pawpaw and mango.  Will they eventually flap down and feed?  Time will tell. So far we seem to be enticing only butterflies.  I wonder if the red-tail monkeys will find it before the birds do.

Last week we drove across the border to Kenya see friends in Laikipia and Gilgil – we had a fabulous trip, and loved the dawn view of snow-capped Mount Kenya and dramatic Longonot, but it was great to come back to Uganda.  There is something gentler and more orderly on this side of the border.  The air is softer, the villages are tidier, and believe it or not the roads are much better!  Sometimes you have to leave to appreciate what you’ve left behind.

We are excited about our new website – we’re proud of our lodges and the people who work there, so it is high time we developed a site that reflects what our product really is.  In the process I’ve realised how important it is to have a creative outlet, whether its building a lodge, creating a website, designing furniture or inventing new recipes.  In the kitchen there is a massive pile of wild guavas waiting on the counter.  The trees are laden. This afternoon I think I’ll make up a batch of guava-chili jelly, a fantastic mix of hot and sweet and tropical, perfect with some cheese.  If I make enough, we’ll send some jars to the lodges.

The next big challenge now is to re-do the Uganda Safari Company website, , which has not been updated for a long, long time. So instead of a New Year’s resolution, or a September resolution, let’s look at this as a May Day resolution.  Improve our communications.  Stay creative. And continue to offer our clients the finest accommodation in Uganda’s wildest places.

Stay tuned!