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Semliki Safari Lodge Pineapple Bay Resort Apoka Safari Lodge

Our four properties have been designed and built by us and our amazing team. We are not professional builders or designers, but we have travelled enough to know what we like, and we take several things seriously. Two things dominate our thinking when designing a lodge: Comfort first, followed closely by a jolly good view.

Whether you are looking out at the forest canopy in Semliki, the Virunga volcanoes at Clouds, the endless vista at Apoka or the sparkling waters of Lake Victoria at Pineapple Bay… there is a sweeping view that will inspire and recharge even the most jaded.

Whether you are here to track gorillas, seek out the elusive shoebill and forest elephant, fish for the giant Nile Perch, watch lions on a kill, or any other adventure in a beautiful magical place, we guarantee you this: You will sleep in comfort. You will eat like kings and queens. You will be well looked after. And you will go home with endless memories and stories to tell.

Come and stay in our wild places. Come and stay awhile.